A SPECIAL NOTE TO THE THREE PEOPLE THAT ARE GOING TO READ THIS: i wrote Daddy Daughter Donut Day 5or6 years ago when my life was going down the shitter 💩...i read some article on the basketball player 🏀 gilbert arenas...talking about pulling a gun out inthe locker room, getting kicked out of basketball for it, and something about going to his daughters donut day at school...something like that...anyway it sparked the idea for this book and i wrote it in a few days...thats my friend JA5CK holding the box of donuts on the cover and a painting he made of a donut...this book is dedicated to him, cause he liked it...i started reading it again the other night and it made me laugh, 😂 so i thought...what the fuck...reprint a few copies..add some new art...i thought about editing it again...but i'm too fucking lazy...i have pajamas on for fuck sake! cannot ask a man to do some serious editing with his pajamas on...can you...CAN YOU!!!???✌ thers some spelling and grammatical. a person that's made a bunch of grammatical and spelling errors in my real life, so it's kind of fitting that my writings reflect that...sounds nice in theory...donut 😉 we'll let it all be...treat it like a diamond in the rough...whatever...anyway...grab a six pack and load up the bong...william brown...winter 2019...salt spring life is better now 😊


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